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Competitive ballroom dancing, or DanceSport, has gone through a revolution over the past decade. Today, the combination of artistry and athleticism has brought DanceSport into the forefront of mainstream media. Movies such as “Shall We Dance?”, and TV shows such as “Dancing With the Stars” and “So you Think You Can Dance?” all showcase the challenging and rewarding aspects of the exciting world of DanceSport.

Competitive Dancing

Are you highly motivated and looking for a challenge?

Of the many people throughout the world who regularly participate in social dancing, there are some who are attracted to taking part in organized DanceSport competitions. Competition dancing is a form of DanceSport dancing that has evolved from social dancing. It attracts people who love to dance, and who have the urge to show their skill and talent in direct competition with other couples on the dance floor. If you are ready for something a little more glamorous and exciting then it's time to get competitive.

DanceSport competitions are held here in BC and around the world. There are many different competition levels based on proficiency and age. Competitions are great motivators to improve your dancing abilities and good testing grounds to see how much you have improved.

Training for DanceSport competitions is very similar to preparing for any other type of sport or dance competition, in that you need to develop all aspects of your mind, body and spirit. Not only do you have to be adept at dancing your figures, but you need to develop numerous physical skills, as well as have your mental and emotional states in check. You need dedication, focus and the will to be the best…

To be competitive in the DanceSport world, you need a coach that will address all aspects of your mind, body and spirit, motivate you to be your very best and be up-to-date with the most current techniques and dance styles. Join the Forever Yung Studio DanceSport Team and start your journey to success.

Timmy & Cailin

Josh, Lisa, Ken, Monica, Connor

If you are interested in competitive dancing, but don’t have a partner, Pro-Am competition is a great option for you. Just like the TV show, "Dancing With the Stars", The Forever Yung Dance Studio offers ladies the opportunity to train and compete with a skilled and experienced Professional dancer in the Pro-Am division.

Pro-Am competition is for the ambitious, highly motivated individual who wants to succeed. Ken regularly competes with his amateur students and achieves first place marks.

Starting from Beginner all the way up to the Championship level, you will have the opportunity to compete against other amateur dancers across North America and around the world. The competition season is all year round, and we work closely with our students to design a competition and training schedule that best suits your needs. Together, we will set personal goals that are challenging, yet achievable, so that every Pro-Am competition is a success.

Age is not a factor. Whether you are 9 or 90, as long as you can and have the desire to dance, Pro-Am is an exciting option to consider!

Dancing with an expert helps you achieve your very best!

You will receive all the benefits of our regular Private Coaching Sessions, but instead of dancing with another amateur dancer, you'll be training directly with a true professional dancer. Learning and dancing with your coach one-on-one will definitely accelerate your improvement and bring your dancing to a whole new level.

Lesley dancing Slow FoxtrotPrivate Lessons

For those who want to accelerate their training, learn specific dances in detail, or who wish to develop their dancing skills through competition, we recommend private lessons. Ken will work with you one-to-one to perfect your skills.

  • $28 inc tax per 1/2 hour
  • $56 inc tax per hour
  • $253 inc tax - 10 1/2 hour class punch card
  • $500 inc tax - 10 1 hour class punch card


Ken with his Pro-Am ladies

Ken's Student’s successfully compete at ball’s in Richmond, Victoria and Nanaimo.

Up-coming competitions:

  April 20 & 21, 2013 - Island Fantasy Ball, Nanaimo

  June 22, 2013 - Pro-Am Fiesta, Richmond  

proam dancers